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Vehicle Descriptions

Sell copy and batch taglines are powerful tools for moving inventory.

On, use your sell copy to create an emotional connection. Adding ad copy to a used-vehicle listing will result in a 50% lift in contacts4. Compelling sell copy goes well beyond the information provided in the VIN decoder to help buyers understand what the vehicle will be like to own and drive.

Compelling sell copy encourages shoppers to spend more time with your listing and moves them closer toward a purchase.

Tips for writing powerful seller’s notes:

  • Use sell copy to differentiate your inventory, entice buyers and build trust in the vehicle.
  • Describe in detail what makes the car special — everything from engine specifications to interior and exterior condition and styling.
  • Highlight unique features such as custom wheels, aftermarket accessories and warranty packages.
  • Offer detailed information about the vehicle’s history.
  • Indicate if maintenance records, inspection reports or reconditioning reports are available.
  • Play up a one-owner vehicle.
  • Note whenever a vehicle was bought and serviced at your dealership.
  • Indicate whether a car has been inspected by your ASE-certified technicians.
  • Let buyers know if the car has been certified by the manufacturer by stating “certified pre-owned.”
  • Play up the experience of driving or owning the vehicle when appropriate (e.g., “This convertible is absolutely gorgeous and is ready for serious summer fun.”)
  • Consider keyword search results and include important keyword search terms, such as “non-smoker” or “one-owner car.” Other important keywords to incorporate in your copy: new, low, call, special, sale, CARFAX, check, service, incentive, financing, customer, reputation, excellence, experience, family and quality. Adding five or more of these keywords will result in a 24% boost in contacts4.
  • Double-check your notes for accuracy, including grammar and spelling.

Sellers Notes and Batch Taglines

Note: On, the sell-copy field was recently expanded to allow you to use up to 2,000 characters per vehicle.

The batch tagline is the place for your dealership and salesperson information.
This is also the place for your store’s customized call-to-action.

Writing an effective batch tagline:

  • Use your batch tagline to set your store apart and give buyers a reason to choose your dealership.
  • Emphasize your dealership’s reputation (e.g., awards, features, customer service approach, people, etc.)
  • Highlight specific salespeople for new, used or internet expertise, Spanish-language skills, etc.
  • Publicize storewide specials or add a call-to-action.

Note: You can use up to 400 characters per batch tagline on

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